If you Have Pans With this Sign on Them, Throw Them Right Away (since they can be very harmful)

If you can see the sign ‘PFASs’ on your pans or baking sheets, get them out of your kitchen as soon as you can! This is why you should never use such pans to make pancakes, cook steak or fry chips, although they go along with the ‘guarantee’ that they can prevent the food from burning.
However, 200 scientists do not share that opinion, and claim that kitchenware labeled as ‘non-sticky’ is dangerous to health!
At an important symposium, world popular scientists have signed the “Madrid Document,” whose main purpose is to warn the world about the dangers caused by poly- and Perfluoroalkyls (PFASs). Furthermore, they expressed their concern regarding the increased use of such items in households all around the world.
These toxic chemicals are used in the production of metal food containers, kitchenware and packages for storing food, like the ones used in fast food restaurants, and the “strengthened” plastic and paper plates. These are described as ‘non-sticky cover’ which is supposed to stop the food from burning or sticking.
Studies involving laboratory animals have shown that some PFASs can cause liver poisoning, affect metabolism and disrupt the function of both immune and endocrine system.
Sadly, food cooked or stored in such containers is not the only source of these toxins. When exposed to heat, these items release toxins in the air, drinking water, and soil, which means they poison every inch of Mother Earth.
The article published in the magazine “Environmental Health Perspectives” is one of the ways scientists use to ask manufacturers to stop using PFASs chemicals in their production processes, noting that today there are many other safer alternatives to produce such items that would also prevent the food from burning.
Until producers become aware of the danger they are causing, here is a nice advice for all the housewives and those who like cooking: If you see this sign on your cooking items and food containers, make sure they find their way to the trash can!
Source: healthtipssource.com