I Should Have Hugged You Tighter

If you have been fortunate to meet an old soul, I bet you have tried your best to keep her/him close to you until the present day. These charismatic people are rare and impressive in so many ways.

Old souls are true warriors, wise advisors, best confidants, and loyal friends. These are highly intuitive, and even though they are emotional, they are able to always see the big picture.

Old souls see problems in life as challenges and opportunities to learn a valuable lesson. They are grateful for everything they have been given in life, but they tend to take things in stride.

A relationship with an old soul will teach you about empathy, commitment, support, acceptance, care, and gratitude. As partners, old souls create an interesting dynamic in relationships, as they can act as caring best friends, devoted teachers, passionate lovers, and “partners in crime”.

Having such a person near you in life is a true blessing, and here is how they express love:

  • Old souls are capable of loving passionately and deeply. They are honest and expect the same from their partners. Be careful, as they are extremely sensitive.
  • These people are not materialists, so they find love in simple things in life, and appreciate small gestures, such as a hug, a short note, or a long glance. An old soul would rather write you a poem instead of buying jewelry.
  • They enjoy their own company as they are comfortable with themselves. They like to be treated well, but they are old-fashioned in dating, and won’t waste their time on something likely to lead nowhere. They do not do things for no reason and would dedicate their time only when they think there is some future potential in the relationship.
  • They believe in holistic love. Old souls seek mental connection apart from physical intimacy, and they won’t settle for a meaningless relationship. They get emotionally invested in dating, and would not open up to anyone.
  • They want to preserve their independence and personal space, even though they are affectionate and committed. The truth is, they are both, realistic and romantic at the same time. They would like to spend the evenings with you, hugging and drinking wine, but don’t be surprised if they told you they want to spend one night alone at home.

Who wouldn’t like to have such a partner in life?