I Photograph Horses In Breathtaking Icelandic Landscapes (30 Pics)

I know that you simply adore your dogs and cats, and the world is divided between cat and dog lovers. Yet, what we all agree on is that horses are the most beautiful animals on Earth.

They look like not from this world, sublime, muscular, elegant, magical. Their moves, strength, freedom, their silky and fluffy manes and tales, and gentle spirit are just several reasons why we are all in love with horses.

Horses inspire and motivate us. Standing there proudly, looking at us with the pleasing big eyes, and we are already in love and in awe. Almost everyone that has ever been in the presence of these majestic gentle giants is enchanted for a lifetime.

Equine photography can be of more types, and it is definitely one of the most challenging and fascinating types of pet photography.

Yet, a beautiful photo of a horse requires a lot of things, including  a proper equipment, a skill to position the horse in the right way, a sense to choose ideal weather conditions and capture the perfect moment, and an ability to develop a bond with the animal, that will later be expressed by the picture.

A Latvia-born girl, Liga Liepina, spends her time doing equine photography. When she was 14, her family moved to Iceland. She claims she has been interested with horses since very young, when she collected posters, newspaper clippings, and calendars of horses.

Yet, after she had her first-ever riding lesson, she realized that horses will always be very important in her life.

They eventually evolved into lifelong passion.

During her teen years, she snapped shots with her small digital camera. After some time, she managed to purchase a professional one and started doing photography. She loved taking photos of equines, so over time, they became her focus.

Liepina admits that she spends most of her free time photographing these incredibly beautiful animals.

Yet, she was interested in combining the fascinating Icelandic landscapes and Icelandic horses, which are “are very unique―they are very cooperative and brave, yet still wild in their heart.”

Yet, getting such a photo is quite challenging. Liepina says:

“A lot of work goes into creating images like these―from coming up with an idea to bringing horses to locations (these places must be accessible and safe for animals), not to mention the Icelandic weather, which is full of surprises. But it’s all worth it when I get to spend time out in nature with my equine models and witness how horses and the landscape complement each other. “

Scroll down to see her photos of these majestic animals on breath-taking locations: