Husband Got An Amazon Birthday Cake For His Wife Who Loves Ordering Things From Amazon

A birthday is a very special day, so we usually like to show our love and affection to our loved ones with a unique gift.

However, when it comes to the birthdays of our significant others, we are even more dedicated and creative. But a birthday surprise is not an easy task if you are with your partner for years and you have already used all your tricks.

In this case, watch and learn from this guy!

Photographer Emily McGuire shared photos of the birthday surprise from her husband Waylon “Mac” McGuire. Namely, as he knew she enjoys shopping, he sent her an Amazon package birthday cake!

The custom cake was created by Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, North Carolina, and it involved true-to-life details like a personalized shipping label and Amazon Prime box tape — all edible, of course.

According to Emily, the couple has been together for 19 years and got married 12 years ago. She added that while Mac doesn’t always go out of his way when it comes to surprises, “this one is one to remember for sure”.

When she saw the cake, she believed that it was an actual Amazon box, and when she realized it was a cake, she laughed so hard. She couldn’t resist meeting the baker who made this wonderful idea come to life and shared it online.

People were fascinated by it, and Emily added:

“Now it’s a running joke in our house about how many packages we receive in the mail.”

Meanwhile, Sweet Dreams Bakery of Dunn is enjoying a taste of viral fame. As soon as their Amazon package cake was shared on Facebook, it quickly racked up thousands of likes and shares.

Brent Norris, who co-owns it with his wife Trena, explained that the cake took eight hours to complete.