Hunter Died After The Deer He Shot Got Up And Attacked Him

Humans keep displaying their power by destroying nature in various ways. They believe they are the omnipotent rulers of the animal and the plant world on the planet, so they often leave devastation behind.

In most cases, no one expects that Nature will take revenge. But do you believe that all our harmful actions will go unaccounted by nature?

The story of a hunter from Arkansas reveals they won’t!

While trying to hunt it, the 66-year old Thomas Alexander has been killed by a deer.

The event took place in Yellville during the hunting period. Alexander used a muzzleloader to shoot the buck. As Keith Stephens, the Chief of Communications for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, explained, he went towards it, but the buck got up, realized his attention, and attacked him instead.

Alexander was badly injured, so he called his wife, who rang the emergency services. He was being transported to a hospital on a helicopter, but before reaching it, he died.

He was driven to the hospital with an ambulance, but when they arrive at Baxter Regional Medical Center located in Mountain Home, Alexander was declared dead.

The cause of his death was not specified, but hospital officials mentioned he had puncture wounds.

Stephens said:

“I’ve worked for the Game and Fish Commission for 20 years, and it’s one of the stranger things that’s happened.”

He added that it is important that hunters wait for half an hour after shooting down a deer to ensure it is dead before they approach it.

He added:

“Then, check if you can see whether [the] deer is breathing by watching the chest area.”

Alexander approached it believing he has killed it, and it cost him his life.