Humane Society Is Looking For Volunteers To Snuggle Shelter Puppies

For anyone looking for a new job, The Humane Society of Tampa Bay offers a unique post, which would involve snuggling with dogs! This is surely the dream job of many of you, and a lot of people enjoy spending their free time snuggling with cute pets.

Jeff Honig, a retired deputy, loves every single minute of this job. He actually owns four cats, but really adores the time spent with these dogs. 

When shelter dogs leave the operating room at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, where they have been spayed or neutered, the retired Hillsborough County deputy waist them to comfort and cuddle them in a recovery pen during a scary time.

Honig says that it is actually soothing to him and he enjoys the amazing experience. He volunteers at the Tampa shelter ten hours a week.

His help is more than welcome in the shelter, as sometimes, they cannot find enough people willing to snuggle their dogs. Numerous students want to help, bit when school is not in session, and they have more free time.

In most cases, the dogs that need cuddles the most are the dogs that are fresh out of surgery. Now, more than ever, the shelter needs volunteers to help.

According to The Humane Society’s Liz McCoy, the number of volunteers varies, but whenever someone can manage to help, it will be greatly appreciated by humans and animals alike.

She says that it makes her emotional when she even thinks about it, as it is just moving to see volunteers coming to their shelter just to try and make things better.