Huge List of Essential Oils for Health and Survival


This plant-oil can be used as a first aid ointment but it also very useful against bug bites, skin irritations, athlete’s foot, eczema and psoriasis. Melaleuca can help with slivers in the skin and is great aid in immune function and support against respiratory and throat pathogens.


This kind of oil, which stems bleeding, can be used for painful bruising, sprains and swelling. It is also used for treating shock, helps with broken bones. It is beneficial against allergies, viruses and infections.  Helichrysum is excellent for treating wounds because it reduces pain and speeds healing.


Good for pain relief, antiseptic needs and swelling, bruises and/or wounds caused by cuts. Myrth can be applied directly onto open wounds. It also stimulates the whole immune system, circulation and promotes regeneration of the tissues. This plant has analgesic and astringent properties, eases tonsillitis/ coughing and other types of infections.


With its analgesic and antibiotic properties, clove can help when it comes to relieving headaches, toothaches and other kinds of pain. It can be used to eject infections and toxins from the body. Clove can contribute in relieving constipation or nausea.


Improves other essential oils’ effects, relieves headaches, reduces inflammation, supports recovery on the skin tissue, soothes hyperactivity, restlessness and facilitates focus of mind and clarity.  With its regenerative properties, frankincense is important essential oil in every kind of emergency.


Soothes cramping and sore muscles, is a natural cleanser, warms feet during cold periods and is an effective bug repellent.

The final word

Many alternative medicine practitioners are now encouraging essential oils’ use for minor ailments such as insect bites, wounds, digestive disorders, headaches, nausea and more.

This is not “just another article”. We are talking about using pure essential oils from flowers and plants which are organically adapted to nature. It is our own opinion essential oils will become very important line of defense which will insure long term well-being and health.

A wonderful tidbit about essential oils is that they do not contain fatty acids which can turn rancid. The environment of a pure essential oil is too tough for any kind of bacteria to grow in.

Most EOs will outlive you and me. Pure plant essence does not have shelf life, with the exception of citrus essential oils, which should be replaced every year. This is one great special benefit and, of course, an economical one!

When you are investing in pure essential oils, you are providing for you and your family an empowerment and security knowing that these oils can take care of most health needs, without side effects.

Be Safe, be Well!