How to Use Dark Chocolate as a Medicine

Most of you avoid eating chocolate because of all the stories you have heard about chocolate not being healthy at all. But, it is a fact that this theory is not true, especially if it comes to dark chocolate, because a piece of dark chocolate every day can do magic for your organism.

We have listed some of the benefits chocolate provides.


High blood pressure

Many researches have shown that moderate consumption of chocolate every day lowers blood pressure and protects heart and blood vessels.


You have probably noticed that chocolate is an excellent antidepressant. It actually contains serotonin, known as excellent natural antidepressant. People who consume chocolate regularly run at a lower risk of experiencing chronic depression.

Chocolate is one of the most powerful foods in the fight against cancer

You have most probably already heard about garlic, green tea, blueberries and other similar food products, but did you know that chocolate provides similar effect? Many researches have proven that by consuming chocolate and a glass of red wine every day you have some of the most powerful anti-cancer weapons on your side.

Chocolate for a healthy brain

Studies have shown that dark chocolate protects brain cells and both directly and indirectly reduces the risk of stroke. If you need something sweet, do not hesitate to have a bite or two of your favorite chocolate, but be careful not to eat too much!

Dark chocolate improves mood

We all know this one. Chocolate improves our mood, and makes us more relaxed and calm, and this is as essential as any other benefit. Now you can understand better why we like eating chocolate when we are stressed or despaired.

Protect your heart

Studies have proven that people who like dark chocolate have reduced blood pressure, great blood flow, and a decreased risk of blood clotting. Eat dark chocolate at least three times a day to strengthen your heart.

Dark chocolate keeps you young

It is rich in antioxidants, and prevents radical cell damages caused by free radicals and toxins as part of the aging process. Chocolate will help you stay young and healthy.

Treat cough with hot raw chocolate

Theobromine soothes cough and provides a similar effect to codeine. Combine some almond milk and raw cocoa and relieve your cough.