How To Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds!


If you have a minor wound or a cut, and it begins to ooze blood, there is a simple procedure that will help you stop the bleeding and prevent the fear and panic.

Your medicine cabinet or emergency first aid kit should always include cayenne pepper, because this plant has incredible health and medicinal properties. According to recent research. Experts claim that it can prevent cold, heart attacks, and instantly stop bleeding.


If you find yourself with a bleeding wound, all you need to do is put some cayenne pepper powder directly on the bleeding cut or laceration. Amazingly, within 10-15seconds, the bleeding will stop.

Cayenne pepper is a strong styptic: a substance which effectively stops bleeding as soon as it is applied. It quickly equalizes blood pressure and stimulates blood clotting. Moreover, it also prevents infections, as it disinfects the wound. You can even use it in the case of smaller scrapes and cuts.

If you have a bigger wound, you should add a teaspoon of red pepper powder in a glass of warm water and quickly drink it.