How To Starve Cancer To Death By Removing This One Thing From Your Diet

The number of patients diagnosed with cancer is on the rise, and the causes of cancer vary, ranging from our environment to our emotions. However, food is all around, what we eat is what radiates out, but you can use some ways to cut certain foods out of your menu and make your organism thrive.


Sugar is cancer’s fuel

Dr Otto Wartburg and other  health experts have long warned that sugar feeds cancer. Actually, they have been doing this since the 1920s. Unfortunately, many doctors do not tell their patients that eating processed foods loaded with sugar makes it more difficult for their body to fight cancer.

The German physiologist, leading biochemist, medical doctor, and Nobel laureate believed that you can starve cancer out of your body. Of course, it is not always easy, but that could help you a lot.

According to his theory, malignant cells and tumor growth are caused by cells that generate via adenosine triphosphate (ATP) through a nonoxidative breakdown of sugar (glucose).

The recycling of the metabolite from the process, commonly called glycolisis, accompanied with the circulation of adhA back in the body creates anaerobic respiration. This is the opposite of what happens with normal cells.

Healthy cells generate energy for the body to use through oxydative breakdown of pyruvate, which is the end product of glycolysis, which leads to oxidized mitochondria. Eventually, he concluded that cancer is really a mitochondrial dysfunction.Normal respiration of oxygen in the organism is changed to fermentation of sugar. By removing the sugar, the body cannot develop cancer.

And we have already discussed about the connection between sugar and cancer development.

For most people it is easy to remove the obvious culprits loaded with refined sugar -- cakes, candies, cookies, etc. However, more terrifying is the fact that many foods packed and sold in the US and other countries are high in refined sugar, which is hidden in the packaging labels.

Even products like ‘healthy’ yoghurt, cereals, whole grain breads, and ‘low-calorie’ products can be loaded with sugar.

Stop buying ‘convenience’ or pre-packaged products, and do not eat at restaurants, at least temporarily. Restaurants get their food from food companies that “season” their items with loads of sugar and salt, making it more palatable after being frozen and transferred across the country.

Believe it or not, even the most simple salad dressings are full of sugar. Eat more plant-based meals, healthy animal-based protein (avoid red meat), and foods with high nutritional value.

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