How to Remove Uric Acid From Your Joints

In the case of uric acid in the joints, one can benefit a lot from the consumption of cucumber juice. Namely, this remarkable natural beverage reduces the body temperature, is highly alkalizing and provides strong effects in removing uric acid crystallization in the joints.

At times, the consumption of this juice can lead to a slight pain, but you should not worry, as it indicates that the juice is healing your joints. To be more specific, the pain signifies the stirring of old toxins before they are removed.

Moreover, apart from the cucumber, this juice also includes celery and ginger, which will alleviate the inflammation during the cleansing process. Incredible!

This is how to prepare this miraculous natural juice, which is one of the best natural gout remedies as well:


  • 1 medium-sized cucumber
  • 2 ribs of celery
  • 1-inch young ginger root
  • A slice of lemon

Method of preparation:

Clean all the ingredients well and wash them. Then, cut the cucumber in smaller pieces and prepare the celery ribs, taking care to remove all dirt. Cut the lemon in half, and place one half in the fridge for future use. Peel the ginger root. Then, add all ingredients in your juicer and process.


Drink it until you notice some improvements. The best results are obtained when you drink it once or twice a day, as this dosing will sure accelerate the healing process.