How To Remove A Tick Simple and Safely (Video)

Although ticks can be found in urban parks and gardens, the danger of contamination increases when people spend much of their time in nature.

You should be most careful in the spring and early summer -- because then ticks are most active. They are hidden in the grass, in the bushes and trees, waiting for a person or animal to pass, and to attach to them.

Ticks need several hours walking along the body to find a comfortable place where they can attach and feed with blood. It is very important to review well every part of the body after returning from a picnic, recreation or work in the garden, to discover it on time.

If you find a tick, do not touch not it with bare hands, remove it with tweezers, and when you catch it, slowly pull it upwards.

If its hair remains stuck in the skin, remove it with sterile tweezers. Do not stifle it with alcohol and do not burn it. Avoid insertion and crawling between shrubs, wear pants with long trousers put in your stockings, when outside.

Tips for removing ticks:

Self- check

After spending time in nature, analyze especially the ears, neck, groin, armpits and navel.


Remove the tick using tweezers and pull it out slowly.

Easy movements

Carefully and slowly remove it outwards, because if you move fast, the head of the tick may remain in the skin and can lead to infection. Remove it using a needle or seek help from a doctor.

Do not stifle it

Do not rub alcohol, oil or grease on ticks. Its sudden death can lead to infection.

Inform yourself about the symptoms

Do not touch ticks with bare hands. Once you remove it, apply antiseptic on the place.