How to Relieve a Runny Nose With Acupressure in Just 5 Minutes (Video)

Not many people believe that runny nose can cause serious health problems. A simple massage on certain points on your face can help the body recover faster. Hunsen Lu, a doctor of Chinese medicine, suggests this effective method.

Doctors of Chinese medicine believe that proper blood flow to the muscles and tissues is the most important thing. When blood stagnates at a certain point in your body, it creates perfect conditions for the development of different diseases. And vice versa -- proper blood flow enables the body to heal more easily. This is why massaging certain points contribute to the healing process.


How to do the massage?

Massage these points for a minute and use your fingertips. Press hard, but be careful, you should not feel any pain. The direction of your movements does not matter -- you can either go clockwise or counter-clockwise. But, it is sure important to feel some pressure on these points. Your runny nose will practically stop right after the first massage. If necessary, repeat the treatment two to three times.

Point No.1. If you extend the line of your eyebrows, you will find this point right above the beginning of your nose.

Point No. 2. Symmetrical points on both sides of your face. Simultaneously press this barely noticeable depressions located about an inch from the outer side of your eye brows.

Point No.3. Simultaneously massage these two symmetric points located at the beginning of your nose.

Point No.4. Symmetrical points an inch away from your nose.