How To Practice Reflexology To Treat Common Ailments

Certain conditions cause pain on a regular basis, but some knowledge can help you discover how to practice reflexology to treat common ailments. That can cut down on the over-the-counter medications that you need to take and help you deal with the pain in a healthy manner.

Reflexology is the use of massage on specific points in the body to relieve the pain in other areas. Certain zones of the body are ideal to relieve pressure and stress for other areas or the body in general. Using this method of relaxation and pressure massage, your results should be notable in a relatively short period of time.


Those suffering from headaches should massage your big toe using circular motions. Also, the upper halves of each toe contain nerves connecting to the head. Pressure on these areas can help relieve a headache as well.

Cold and Flu

Find the zones on your hands and feet that correspond with sinuses, throat and lungs. Massage your hand from the tip of the finger to just before the knuckle. Also, the side of your big toe, the middle of each toe and one inch below your toes on the meat of your foot are good places to massage for this benefit.


Form a circle around one wrist using the opposing thumb and forefinger. Twist that hand back and forth 20 times, and you will find your stress begins to melt away.

Digestion Issues

Take a tennis ball and lock one finger around the ball, rubbing the ball against the palm of your hand for one minute. Then run the lower third of your foot against the ball for one minute. Both of these will help your digestive track function more smoothly.

Sleep Disorders

For this relief, the pituitary gland is the culprit. It can be relieved by finding the nerve in the middle of your finger that links to the endocrine system and apply direct pressure using the side of your nail. For your foot, the middle of your big toe is a good location to focus on for relief of sleep issues as well.

Back Pain

Certain areas of the hands, like the side of the thumb, and the heel of the foot are both areas that can be massaged to help with back pain. The relief should be nearly immediate when you focus on these specific points.

Using reflexology has been viewed with skepticism in Western cultures, but it has been a long accepted practice in China. People find relief from pain without medication through the use of reflexology.

The idea behind it is that the pathways for energy within the body get clogged, and opening the pathway is the way to get rid of the pain. While it may sound strange, the logic behind it seems to be somewhat effective, since the process has been used for centuries and is the only method some people will trust to get rid of their pain.

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