How to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg In a Few Seconds Using Only A Glass Of Water

We all have our very own method of peeling an egg. Most of us just roll it on the counter top. Once you read this article, your favorite method shall soon become a history.

We often end up with bits of eggshell “glued” on the egg, or maybe your egg is all cracked up. This drives you crazy, right? Try this super-easy method and enjoy your eggs!

Dealing with an under cooked egg or picking the tiny eggshell bits can be a real nightmare. Yes, we have all been there. Try this simple method!

Check the video below and wallah! There is the solution to your nightmare! Just grab a glass, small enough to hold it between your forefinger and thumb. Put the egg in, and pour in some water (half an inch of the glass). Cover the top with your fingers and shake!