How To Grow Your Own Ginger at Home

The healing power of ginger has been largely discussed and health experts strongly recommend its use. However, you would all agree on this -- not many of us grow ginger at home. Christina, a blogger from Portland, Oregon, offers some useful tips on how to grow your own ginger.

On her blog, “Earth of Dreams,” she not only helps people learn more about America, but also offers some amazing tutorials. One of these will sure bring some joy for passionate gardeners.


In her blogpost, “Grow ginger at home!” she explains how to grow ginger and enjoy its health benefits.

All you need is a pot, some soil, and a ginger root, which you can buy in any healthy food store. Choose a piece that resembles a human hand, even better, buy a piece that has as many “fingers” as possible. Break it into many pieces in order to get more fruits.

The planting is quite easy. Place each of the “fingers” in a pot, on the surface, but be careful, you should not cover it with soil. This is the main trick, and by following these instructions you will sure get some nice fruits. It requires frequent watering, and not much light. But, make sure it gets enough heat.

Christina says that the planting should be in early fall, and in spring you can transfer the root to your garden, but make sure it is a place with loose soil. Again, water it frequently.

She also says that you should not worry about any pests and diseases that may attack the plant.

Follow these instructions, and you should get an outgrowth from 60 to 120 cm. Let the scion grow from 3 to 5 months before you use the fruits that will appear in the soil.

Image Via: WikiHow