How to Grow Cucumbers Indoors

Owners of small plots are always tortured by the same thing: how to plant different fruits and vegetables, with a good yield, on a small land.

Thus, in one barrel, you can cultivate as many pickles, as on the surface of 3 meters, with much less obligations, and at the same time you will protect the yield from various diseases.


There is another characteristic moment -- growing cucumbers is such a pleasure-no bending when harvest, or other necessary works.

How to grow cucumbers in a barrel:

  1. Put on your parcel, on the sunny side of one or several barrels.
  2. At the bottom of the barrel, store organic waste: leaves, grass, straw, carrots, peels of bananas and other fruits and vegetables, branches or weeds.
  3. Also, use the fertilizer. Fill the barrel.
  4. In May, fill the whole barrel with soil, with thickness of about 10-15 cm.
  5. Pour immediately, and plant seeds of cucumbers. 9-10 seeds will be necessary for one barrel.
  6. Plant them at a distance of 12-15 cm.
  7. To conserve heat, cover the barrel with nylon, preferably a black one, because black attracts heat from the sun. Or use an empty plastic bottle.

Plants will grow like yeast, if you provide an optimal microclimate with the help of a small dish of water in the middle of the barrel, which you’ll fill with water if necessary.

In mid-June, when the weather is warm, you can remove the nylon. Cucumbers grow and twine around the barrel. In order for the wind not to hurt the plant, you can tie a bag of cucumbers on the barrel with a thin cord.

Care for cucumbers is not difficult. You should water them with 5-7 liters of water once in 3-4 days if there isn’t any rain.

With a barrel, you can get the same yield as the three rows in the garden.