How To Get Rid of The Garlic And Onion Smell

The garlic and onion may be the tastiest sauce and salad additives, but there is only one problem- the unpleasant breath afterwards.

No need to panic. If you had garlic sauce or onion salad at lunch and an important meeting follows in the evening, there are a couple of solutions.

Aside from hygiene, these ingredients can efficiently eliminate that smell:

1. Mustard –Put a tablespoon of mustard in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Spit it out and then take one half tablespoon of mustard and swallow it.

2. Mint And Parsley Leaves-- Chew on fresh mint and parsley leaves for several minutes then spit them up.

3. Large Amounts of Vegetables-- potatoes, mushrooms, lemons and carrots – fresh or boiled- neutralize any smells. That is why the onion and garlic should be combined with these ingredients as a preventive measure.

4. Bread-- a small amount of carbs will also be helpful in dealing with the unpleasant breath. Make sure you consume at least one piece of bread in every meal.

5. Green Tea And Lemonade-- The fresh smell and taste of these beverages has the same effect as a simple chewing gum.

7. Milk and Yoghurt-- the dairy fats are also very preventative when it comes to bad breath.

8. Lemon-- fresh slices of lemon can be efficient in dealing with mouth bacteria. For quick result, chew on a couple of slices right after your meal.