How To Get Rid Of Black Mold In The Bathroom

The black mold in the bathroom is a common issue and it is just too difficult to solve.

The gaps between the tiles are constantly filled with black spots, as well as the bathtub edges. Apart from being unpleasant to the eye, the mold is a hygienic issue at the same time, which has its own negative consequences on our health.

Due to an insufficient amount of air, constant moisture and warmness, the bathroom represents a perfect place for the development of mold. Normally, in order to prevent the formation of mold, you need to change these beneficial conditions for its formation. Hence, you need to frequently keep the windows open or the door while you are having a shower.

Yet, if your bathroom does not have a window, you can use a humidifier or air blower, even if your mirror does not get steamy since there is still a lot of moisture in the bathroom.

We will now suggest a few important tips on how to get rid of the mold in your bathroom:

  1. Use bleach to eliminate the unpleasant black spots

If you cannot clean the bathroom mold spots by rubbing, you should use bleach. You should combine bleach and water in ratio 1:3, or you can purchase some cleaning product which contains small amounts of bleach.

If you still fail to obtain the desired results, you should try some more potent concentrate. Yet, note that you should not mix two different agents, for instance, bleach and ammonia, as you may provoke a powerful chemical reaction that will cause strong and harmful fumes which may endanger your health.

Moreover, you can also use a steam cleaner with a brush in order to effectively clean the mold in your bathroom.

  1. Regular Care

Daily polishing of the bathroom tiles may provide extremely good results in the elimination of mold. Yet, if you do not have the time to do this every day, you can try the following:

  • The wet towels should be left to dry outside your bathroom
  • It is best to have synthetic bathtub or shower cabin curtains, as they do not absorb much moisture
  • Immediately remove the residues of creams, lotions or shampoo left during your shower
  1. Water and towels

In order to prevent the dangerous effects of chemical cleaners while breathing, choose some which do not have very strong harmful chemicals.

The most powerful solution is to use water and towels with microfibers which successfully absorb the moisture. Although you can buy special sponges for the cause, you can also use an old toothbrush to effectively clean the bathroom corners.