How To Eat Right For Your Metabolism Type

Whatever you eat, it just “sticks” on you and “there is no way to remove it” or, you just think that you look like an ironing board and desperately try to gain some weight.

None of these situations has to indicate a disease, it is just a matter of slow or fast metabolism -- which means that all you have to do is adjust your diet to the metabolism and you will easily have the body line you desire.


How can you know if your metabolism is fast or slow? Here are some symptoms: waking up tired, feeling sleepy after the lunch, low blood pressure, constantly cold hands and feet, gaining weight pretty easily, bloating, getting tired quickly, falling asleep easily at night, digestion problems, relaxed muscles.

If you have four of these symptoms, your metabolism is fast, if you have 5-7, then it is normal, and if you have recognized eight or more symptoms then your metabolism is slow.

Slow metabolism means that the food you eat is slowly digested.

Nutritionists suggest that in the morning and evening, when your metabolism is at its slowest, you should consume foods that are easily digested, such as pasta, breath and fruit. For lunch eat chicken or fish, because at that point your metabolism is at its highest.

Physical activities such as running, bike riding or light gymnastics can also help you.

If your metabolism is pretty fast, you may want to eat more carbohydrates, because they are digested faster and give more energy. For breakfast and dinner eat twice-baked or whole-grain bread and fatty foods, and for lunch eat proteins (red meat and vegetables).

Since you have more energy, you can do more vigorous sports, such as tennis and swimming. If you want to slow your metabolism, red meat and fatty foods can really help you.

In people with normal metabolism the weight does not change drastically. If you still gain some weight, you can follow the slow-metabolism diet regimen for one day, and the next day switch to the fast-metabolism diet regimen. You can do any physical activity you find attractive.