How To Eat Healthy

Burgers, different flavored chips, cakes …It all sounds so delicious,until you mention the term “health food” and you immediately lose appetite. You think all those healthy foods are tasteless … So switching to healthy food looks like mission impossible, something that requires too much effort and it is not something you could do. But you are wrong !

You should make some small changes in your eating habits and you will be very close to what nutritionists advise. At the beginning, you have to avoid the stereotypical point of view that only fat-free and calorie-free food is healthy. It is certainly not true, sometimes that kind of food allow normal digestion.

But let’s start from the beginning. Here are some steps you should take if you want to start eating healthy:

1. Don’t use a microwave
-Yes, it is true. It heats food, but heating also destroys most of its nutrients. Microwave changes  molecular composition of food, so unless you want to heat up frozen food, which in no case contains any nutrients left, do not use your microwave.

2. Do not buy processed beverages
-Forget about soft drinks, “sport” drinks, ice tea and similar processed juices. The best solution is to make some fruit and vegetable juices and you can also try “Home-made” ice tea. In this way you will avoid refined and artificial sugar and synthetic vitamins and minerals. Why would you drink artificial drinks, when you can drink natural and healthy juices?
-Make yourself a healthy juice and stay healthy.

3. Healthy breakfast
-We all know that we do not have much time in the morning. Usually we just have time to get ready for work, so there is no time for any healthy breakfast, but it is recommended from time to time to boil an egg, make oatmeal or omelet. You can also prepare warm toast with jam and glass of milk.  Of course if you are willing to practise healthy diet, you know that you should forget bakery products and fast food.

4. Be careful with dairy products
-If you have to choose between margarine and butter, choose butter. Margarine contains processed fats harmful for your body. But you should not take neither butter in excessive amounts, because cows are given a lot of hormones and antibiotics. When it comes to milk and yogurt, do not buy low-fat products (except if you are not practicing any weigh loss diet). Our body needs milk and yogurt fat  for proper  digestion and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals.

5. Your butcher should be someone you know:
-Do not buy meat from everywhere. Meet your local butcher and ask where they get the meat from-quite important information if you are willing to eat quality and healthy food.

6. Be careful what you buy:
-If you see ”fructose corn syrup, glucose, ‘HFCS’ ”written on the packing of the food product you are buying, do not buy that product. That product contains high percentage of fructose, an inexpensive sugar fee (glucose and fructose) and eventhough it has the same taste, it is difficult digested in the body and, of course, it is detrimental for our body. Buy organic food only.

7. Consume Dry food more than canned food
-- Canned food is really bad for us. Emulsifiers are used to regulate acids or pH and to maintain the shelf life of the canned food…Studies have shown that they are contained in canned food and can be very harmful.

8. Hunger or thirst?
-Many people are confused of the feeling of hunger and thirst and decide to eat when they just need a glass of water. When you feel hunger, drink a glass of water and wait for 15 minutes. If you are still hungry then you can have something to eat.

9.Cook for yourself
-You do not have to choose some recipes that will take more preparation time, but cook something at home at least once or twice a week. Avoid eating “out”.
-Prepare some healthy recipes!

Learn how eating healthy can be simple, easy and practical and delicious food will improve your health and maintain your vitality, shape and energy at the same time.