How To Do Reflexology Treating Common Ailments At Home

It may come as a surprise to you, but there are certain points on your foot that are connected to the vital organs in your body. Massage these points on your foot and you will stimulate the function of the organs. If you know where to locate these points, or even better, if you know how to massage them, you can consider yourself as a “master” of reflexology.

In China people have used this method for many centuries, and today it is used all over the world. Experts have studied these methods for so long, and they actually made a foot-map that you can use to find a certain point on your foot and thus affect the organ’s function.


This kind of foot-massages are often used to wake up the “sleeping” inner energy.

How to massage your foot properly?

Foot-massages do not require any special knowledge or skill. You can do it by yourself, but the best results are obtained when someone else does the massage for you, while you are laying completely relaxed. What you should remember is that you should always warm up your feet before doing the massage. This will improve the circulation.

Even though you may need to stimulate the function of a certain organ, experts still recommend massaging the whole foot, as each of your organs will sure appreciate a mild stimulation.

Massage your feet in both directions. This will give your the best results. The rule says that you should massage the reflex points using clockwise circular movements. Massage each reflex point for 10-30 seconds. If the point is too sensitive, massage it for a few seconds, make a break, and repeat the massage in a few minutes.

In this way you will not feel any pain and still get the results desired.

The best results are obtained if you start massaging the points associated with the detoxification organs, including your kidneys, liver, bladder, bile and lungs.

Even healthy people can use the advantages of foot-reflexology. This will help you get rid of uric acid crystals located at the end of the feet nerves. These crystal deposits can often affect the function of the glands and vital organs.

Walking, stress, uncomfortable clothes and long-term standing are responsible for the creation of these crystal deposits. Massage the “cleaning” points, and then switch to the point linked to the affected organ.

Is it normal to feel pain during the massage?

Foot-massages do not cause pain unless there is a problem you are not aware of, or a health condition associated with the organ you are stimulating. Pain can actually be considered as an indicator for a hidden health problem, which will help you choose the proper treatment. However, sharp and severe pain indicate an acute problem, and dull pain is a sign of a chronic problem.

Start by massaging the big toe, and make sure that the massage involves every direction. This will stimulate the nerves in your head. Massage the rest of your foot counterclockwise. This kind of massage will relieve your stress and any intense situation. Toe-massage can help you treat insomnia, and thus improve the quality of your sleep.

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