How To Cleanse The Liver Naturally – Recipe & Detailed Instructions by Dr. Clark

Normal liver function is crucial for maintaining good health.  Liver’s dysfunction  may be the hidden cause of many diseases. Most commonly the liver’s dysfunction comes as a result of the presence of liver stones. On other hand, parasites are those that can also affect the function of the liver.

Other causes may also be parasites that often affect the liver. Cleansing the liver of stones is very simple. There is a natural way of cleansing the liver with the help of olive oil and grapefruit juice, which has been developed by Hulda Clark.


The procedure of cleansing  the liver lasts two days and gives the optimum results if you stick to  Doctor Clark’s anti-parasite program.

In order to cleanse the liver, you will need:

  • 50 grams of Epsom salt (You can buy it in specialized pharmacies instead of purchasing it online)
  • * It is not recommended for people  who suffer from low blood pressure to use Epsom salt. As an alternative, suggested  by  G. Malahova’s method, you can use enema.
  • Half a cup of olive oil (use a light oil because it is easier to drink)
  • 2 dl of freshly squeezed red grapefruit juice

It’s yours to choose which two  days of the week you’ll be doing this cleansing process.  You mustn’t  take any medications, vitamins and capsules on these particular days. Time is a very important factor for success. Don’t  be late or early more than 10-15 minutes!

Liver Cleansing Plan


– Eat a low-fat breakfast such as  fruit, cereals, bread, honey. Don’t  take anything  containing high- fat like oil, butter, cheese, cream or milk.


– Have a low-fat lunch: baked or cooked potatoes and other vegetables (with salt, or water), bread, fruit. The same as breakfast, don’t  consume anything fatty. Drink some water since after  2 o’clock pm you are not allowed to drink anything


– Don’t  eat or drink after 2:00 pm. If you break this rule,  you might feel sick later during the day.

After 14:00

– Mix 50 grams of Epsom salts with 6 ml of water. Divide this mixture into four parts. Put the Epsom salt in the fridge so you can swallow it easier.


– Drink a quarter of Epsom salts followed by rinsing  your mouth or drinking a few sips of water. Put the olive oil and grapefruit on the table in order to warm them up to room temperature.


– Drink another quarter of Epson salts.


– Finish all your activities and get ready for bed.

21: 45

– Prepare the liver cleansing beverage. – Squeeze some grapefruit juice but first remove the pulp and seeds. You need to get at least half a cup of juice – 3/4 cup is the best amount.

Pour half a cup of olive oil in a bowl with a lid and add the grapefruit juice. Tightly close the container and vortex until the mixture becomes watery.

If you need to go to the bathroom one or more times, it is ok as long as you are not late on your drink at 22:00 pm. Don’t drink it later than 15 minutes!


Now you need to drink the beverage you have prepared (olive oil and grapefruit). The beverage should be drunk  in a standing position  in 5 minutes (15 minutes for the weak and the elderly).

Lie down  immediately after drinking the beverage. Lie flat on your back with your head elevated on a pillow, or on your left side.

Try to be completely still for at least 20 minutes. Think of what is happening now in your liver and you may even feel the stones moving  through the channels like marbles.

You won’t  feel any pain, because  the bitter salt  have made your channels  wide open. Try to get some  good sleep while  lying  on your left side. Don’t get out of bed during the night.

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