How To Build Your Own Backyard Bowling Alley

I bet many of you can’t wait to hear the good news and be allowed to freely leave their home and head to their favorite place in town.

If you love bowling, you and your friends surely miss spending your evenings at the bowling alley these days, so we offer you a chance to deal with it and still respect the quarantine measures.

Back in 2014, after his local bowling alley closed down, a guy on Imgur with the username Makgyver87 constructed one in his backyard from scratch!

Makgyver87 combined his imagination, determination, preparation, and determination, and crafted his unique personal bowling alley. He was an amateur, but he explained the entire process in detail of the design, from his HB pencil drawings to CADs and the final look.

He wrote:

“From Concept, to Sketch, to Construction, to Redgreen-ing/Macgyver-ing, here’s the final product for now.”

He used wooden pallets and several flat boards and built a solid rolling lane against the right-hand side of his backyard wall. The lane also involves an automatic ball return and a pulley-based pin resetting system.

His penciled designs do not include dimensions of the platforms, but a closer look at the lane reveals that the materials were 2″ x 6″ deck boards and 4′ x 8′ sheets of 3/4″ plywood.

The lane is around 42 inches, and the gutters are 10 inches wide. When not in use, the lane looks modular, so you can store it.

For the pin resetting system, he tied the top of each pin with a thread and linked them all together. There is a long rope on the top side of the wall to connect the threads.

The entire project is superb, and Makgyver has invested a lot of experience, knowledge, skills, and efforts in it. To make sure he would be spending his evenings with friends there, he even added colorful lights all over his backyard.

Who needs to go to a bowling alley when you have it at home?

Here is the entire DIY project in details:

Penciled sketch

Penciled Sketch with dimensions included  

Final Computer-Aided Design

Laying out the floorboards

The lane comes through

The gutters are incredible

Pulley-based pin-resetting system


Pulley system close-up

Another close-up

At night