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How to Balance Your pH to Heal Your Body

5. Skeletal system

Arthritis is one of the top diseases diagnosed throughout the world. It is actually an inflammation of the joints, and the symptoms are pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints. Doctors recognize two main forms of arthritis, Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis, and both forms are associated with the pH imbalance, or accumulation of acid in the joints.

The accumulated acid deposits actually damage the cartilage. When the acidity affects the cells responsible for the production of lubricating synovial fluids and bursa fluids, the joints become dry, irritated and swollen. Uric acid builds up deposits in the form of crystals, similar to broken glass, in the feet, hands, knees and back. Experts say that arthritis can be actually arrested with special health programs, including alkaline minerals and yoga.

6. Integumentary system

Its the body’s largest organ. Imbalance of pH levels results in inflammation caused by the acidic deposits, and the skin is unable to protect the body against infections. In such cases, the skin develops lesions and open wounds, and skin eruptions occur like pimples or rashes.

7. Nervous system

Acidic body experiences weak nervous system, because acid deposits reduce the energy. You will also find this condition as ‘devitalizing’ or ‘enervation’, and it weakens the physical, mental and emotional body.

8. Excretory system

It is the urinary system, and as you all know it is made up of multiple organs, considering the kindeys as the main organs. They filter the fluids and purify the blood. In an acidic body, the compensatory mechanisms do a number of supporting functions, and one of them is the process when the alkaline minerals are pulled from the bones and dumped in the blood. If this process repeats constantly, the minerals end up as painful kidney stones.

9. Muscular system

Acidity in muscle cells disrupts the breakdown of glucose and oxygen to energy, meaning your muscles are unable to function properly. On the other hand, alkaline system provides proper aerobic metabolism and energy important for the recovery of the body after a strenuous exercise. You can easily determin if someone is acidic by their breathing. People with acidic bodies take large gulping inhales while doing even the easiest physical activity like walking, suggesting that their body can not deliver oxygen to the cells properly -- a symptom of acidosis.

10. Reproductive system

Scientists conducted a number of studies to discover the connection between sexyal dysfuntion and acidity, considering acidity responsible for infertility, too. Many health researchers associate acidity with three different disorders of the reproductive system:

  • Decreased male and female arousal
  • Decreased sexual enjoyment and particularly female satisfaction/climax.
  • Decreased fertility and increased risk of miscarriage

Acidic body is more prone to many other diseases and disorders, including cataracts, osteoporosis, gout, cancer, migraines, constipation, morning sickness, stroke, allergies, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Taking in consider how dangerous acidity is, you are able to take care of your own body. The choice is yours -- eat properly, do yoga, or any other physical activity, or wake up every day struggling with the consequences acidity brings.

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