How the Alkaline Diet Cured My Cancer ( A True We’ve Done it Story)

This article will tell the story of Rebecca Maglionico, a girl whose brother has been diagnosed with cancer. Her testimony explains the effects alkaline diet had on his health condition.

Rebecca’ s brother was 38 when he was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and was told he probably wouldn’t survive it. His diagnosis was also a shock for the doctors, as he was too young to be suffering from this type of cancer.


His treatment was initially based on traditional means, which included chemotherapy, radiation and removal of a part of his colon. However, it turned out that the healinf treatment from this treatment was even more excruciating than the actual cancer.

After a year from then, he was again daignosed with cancer,this time, it was a tumor on his back that metastasized to his spine, and was weaving into his spinal column toward his brain. Along with this cancer he also had Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

What was even more alarming was the speed of growth of the cancer. The doctors told him to go home and be with his family, there was nothing that could be done. The operation was out of question, and the symptoms that he would have suffered when the cancer reached his brain were terrible, including: loss of balance or trouble walking, vision, hearing or speech problems, seizures, headaches that go away only after vomiting.

Since Rebecca’s brother had a 5- year old son, he didn’t want to simply accept the doctors’ advice and retire in his home, waiting for his final days to pass.

Luckily, a collegue at work mentioned an upcoming retreat, that taught how to live a life of health and wellness. It tool place on the Hippocrates Health Institute, located in West Palm Florida, during the following weekend. However, there ws a problem, and it was the price of the treatment.

And then, just like a blessing, the boss of the brother offered to pay it and to join him on the retreat. They both went to take part in the retreat.

The instructors, for this particular retreat, were the best of the best in their specialty field. Upon returning home, my brother started with the Gerson Therapy and an alkaline diet.

The basic idea of the Gerson Therapy is that cancer develops when there are changes in the cell metabolism due to toxic build-up. Namely, Dr Gerson believed that cancer patients have too much sodium and not enough potassium, which causes tissue damage and weakening of organs.

Consequently, the aim of this therapy is to restore health by repairing the liver and returning the metabolism to its normal state. In order to remove toxins and reboot metablosim, one should choose to consume a specific organic diet, supplements and enemas.

Her brother’ s diet consisted of low- sodium and high- pottassium foods, mainly consuming juices of raw vegetables. This was in combination with an alkaline diet.

Alkaline diets involve eating minimal amounts of meat, dairy, white flour and white sugar due to their acidic affect on the body. Instead, one should focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and soy products due to their alkaline affect on the body.Interestingly, some foods such as lemons and limes, are highly acid in their natural state, but have an alkaline affect on the body.

The PH level of most people suffering from a disease, especially cancer, is around 4. Our body’s ideal PH level for optimal health is 7.2, cancer cells start to die at 7.5.

It is a fact that cancer cells cannot grow or even exist in an alkaline environment or in the presence of oxygen. In case of high level of alkalinity in the blood cells, they are able to hold much more oxygen than with a high acidic level. When the alkaline level in the body is high, cells more easily eliminate waste and toxins.

The diet of Rebecca’s brother was rich in potassium, with a high alkalizing affect. Moreover, he only consumed the juices of these items. The results were devastating. After only two weeks, he succeeded to raise his body’s PH from 4 to 7.5.

The check up at his oncologist revealed that the cancer into his spine had shrunk by 75%.

Within 6 weeks of this amazing treatment, there was not a single trace of any kind of cancer in his body!

The doctor was so perplexed and surprised, that he only said “I don’t know what you did but keep it up, because you no longer have any signs of cancer in your body”.

Three years have passed after this man has fought cancer. He cregularly tests his Ph levels, since it takes about 2-3 days to see a change. Moreover, when needed, he returns to the strict Gerson/Alkaline diet for a week at a time to keep things under control and prevent any issues in the future.

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