How Massaging These 6 Powerful Spots on Your Feet Can Change Your Life

There are numerous nerve endings on our legs, feet and hands and we can massage them and thus stimulate the entire body.

Foot reflexology is an alternative healing method that has been implemented since the ancient times. The process is related with the ancient healing process of acupuncture and concentrates on stimulating the body to achieve balance, relaxation and curing.


Normally, it cannot cure every single disease or health disorder, but reflexologists claim that it can give fantastic results in cases of sleeping disorders, stress and increased blood pressure. All you need to do is a very simple foot massage to stimulate certain points on your feet and cause relaxation in your body. Numerous people have tried this method and claim that it is very effective and beneficial.

Scientific researches proved that it leaves four positive effects on our body:

  • Relaxation effect with reduced blood pressure and nervousness decrease
  • Positive effects in patients with kidney dialysis
  • Lowering pains I case of AIDs, chest pain, diabetes, kidney stones and osteoarthritis
  • Improved blood flow to the kidneys and intestines

In order you to feel its amazing benefits as well, you should massage the following six spots on your feet:

The Area Close to the Heel

If you massage the area close to the heel, you will stimulate the excretory system, which will be helpful for removing the toxins from our body.

Inner Edges of the Feet

If you stimulate these areas you will raise your energy levels, for they are linked with the adrenal gland.

The Foot Center

This foot area is the center of numerous nerve endings, and they are related to the diaphragm. The massage of this area will ease your body and any stress or tension.

The Base of the Big Toe

Te base of the big toe is related to your thyroid gland. If you massage it, you will relax and release stress and tension.

The Center of your Large Thumb

This spot is linked to the pituitary gland, which is the primary hormone gland. Massage this spot in you are experiencing hormone imbalance.

The Big Toe

If you simulate the big toe, you can successfully reduce your eating urges. Its massage will regulate your appetite, and thus lead to weight loss, combined with the proper exercises.

In order to achieve great results, massage your feet every day and concentrate on the areas that correspond to certain vital organs.

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