How Many Of You Actually Recognize These Gadgets? Have You Ever Used One?

Time flies, and it takes much of the world we live in with it as well.

Just think about it, many things that once were all around us, are now gone.

Technology progresses and new everyday gadgets appear every day. This development in modern innovation has been especially profound during the last few decades, so the new generations these days often have no clue about the use and name of the gadgets that once marked our youth.

What we now take for granted was once unimaginable, and the Internet has made things too accessible these days. Nowadays, we have the world at our fingertips and it’s only just the beginning.

Therefore, we need to appreciate what we have now, and enjoy the ease we have in obtaining it all.

Yet, let us think about the past times and look at some old inventions that have become obsolete, and remember how much simpler were things not so long ago.

Do you remember some of these gadgets?

Scroll down to look at the following images, and try to remember their names and usage:

Do you have any idea what this was?

It’s a needle threader, a handy gadget that was of great help when one needed to thread a needle. No repurposed biscuit tin sewing kit would be complete without one.

Do you remember these colorful little disk-like items?

They were called tailor’s chalk, created to draw on fabric when making adjustments or putting a garment together.

If you liked the nostalgic feeling these gadgets woke up in you, take a look at the following little gadgets below:

Etch A Sketch

The 80’s kids used these as they didn’t have iPads for those long car drives!

Record Adapters

Record adapters help records fit onto various record players.

Overhead Projector

Teachers used this bulky gadget to show a visual aid to the classroom. Paired up with special plastic sheets, everyone could see what was being taught.


Parker Brothers created this handheld tic tac toe gaming device, and believe it or not, it was designed by NASA!

Church Keys

These silver-colored gadgets existed instead of the twist-off bottle caps, and they were used to open containers and bottles.

Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

If you were born before the 70s, you surely remember these gadgets used to lose weight. People back then believed they would help decrease your waist size by making you sweat.

Corn-on-the-Cob Holders

They looked like tiny ears of corn and made picking up hot corn on the cob so much easier.

Bead Hair Bands

Hairbands were not popular back then, so all girls had little baubles on their heads, and they hurt- a lot!


All of the cool kids back then had this first portable device to listen to their cassette tapes on the go. They were so trendy!