How Emotions Harm Your Body

Freely experienced and judgement-free emotions flow deliberately. On the other hand, negative emotions often triggered by fear are able to zap mental energy and good hope, which eventually lead to health problems, including hypertension or indigestion.

Recognizing and identifying your thoughts and emotions is essential, and you should also be aware of their impact on each other, on your overall health, behavioral habits, and even relationships.

Here is how emotions harm your body:

ANGER: weakens the liver

SHOCK: shock is especially debilitating to the kidneys and heart.

FEAR: weakens the kidneys. Thinking about your future causes anxiety which over time depletes kidneys of yin, yang, and qi (the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.), and you eventually get stuck with a chronic weakness.

WORRY: weakens the stomach. Worrying and obsessing about a certain topic can affect the spleen, and thus stagnate its qi.

SADNESS or GRIEF: weakens the lungs, producing fatigue, shortness of breath, crying, or depression.

STRESS: weakens the heart and brain. Chronic stress affects the overall function of the organism, which results in severe health problems.

Featured Image Source: Health Digest