How Diet Soda Destroys Your Body

If you count the calories, then diet soda is a good choice -- it contains 140 calories less, and still satisfies the need for a sweet drink, because it contains artificial sweeteners such as saccharin.

But, these chemical cocktails contain something more. See why these zero-calorie drinks do more harm than good to your body.

Your Body is Confused And You Gain Weight

Artificial sweeteners have more intense taste than regular sugar, and long-term use makes your senses less sensitive to natural sugar. What is worse, these sugars affect your body in the same way as regular sugar. They stimulate the production of insulin, which stimulates the body to store fat, and you gain weight. It is pretty ironic, but diet soda can actually increase your weight.


No Nutritional Value

Diet soda has no calories, but it contains none of the nutrients your body needs. Which is the best zero-calorie drink? Regular water, it is essential for many metabolic processes, and replacing it with a diet soda is not something you should do. If you still prefer carbonated drinks, then sparkling water is the best choice.

Bad For The Skin

Diet soda reduces the pH level, so your skin is dull and prone to acne. Healthy body and bright skin tone require high alkaline levels.

They Destroy Your Smile

Excessive consumption of carbonated diet drinks can destroy your smile over time. Some studies have compared the oral cavity of cocaine and methamphetamine addicts to the oral cavity of people who fancy carbonated drinks. The results showed that they all had the same level of dental erosion. Diet soda contains citric acid, which over time weakens and destroys the teeth.

Diet Drinks Affect The Kidneys

A study conducted at the Harvard University showed that diet drinks can affect the kidneys, and regular consumption of just 2 drinks a day decreases their function by 30%.