How Dangerous is Swallowing a Chewing Gum

We all have swallowed at least one chewing gum at some point of our lives. At that moment we remind ourselves of the saying “7 years will pass until it decomposes”. See for yourselves if that is true or not.

What happens after the swallowing?

Chewing gums are all made off natural or synthetic substances sweetened with sugars. Sweeteners will be decomposed into sugars and they will be absorbed. The rubber matter will move throughout the digestive track and it will end up in the toilet bowl.


How dangerous is swallowing?

Swallowing too much chewing gum in a short period of time or swallowing chewing gums with other substances thatcannotbedismantled may block the digestive track. Keep in mind that this happens very rare and if you accidently swallow chewing gum it is not dangerous at all. Parents should teach their children that chewing gums are for chewing not swallowing.

What is the real problem caused by swallowed chewing gum?

Chewing gums are full of sugars and sweeteners and can cause caries. The ones with sorbitol in them may cause diarrhea because of sorbitol’s laxative effects.

Finally, chew moderate -- one to two chewing gums per day. After you are done chewing throw the gum in the garbage.