How Cannabis Oil Kills Cancer Cells (Video)

Over 14 million people  all over the world get cancer every year. On  a yearly basis, over 8.2 million people die from this dreadful disease. It is considered that in the next 20 years this number will increase in 70 percents.

In spite of the billion dollars spent on research for finding a cure against cancer, scientists are evidently not capable of inventing patented discovery which will lower people’s agony and the numberless deaths around the world.

Despite of all research ,the mother nature produces some kind of anti –cancerous products  that unfortunately cannot be patented . One such thing is the cannabis oil.

In a recent study conducted by a University in Madrid, the positive effect of cannabis on malignant brain cancer has been researched.

Dr. Christina Sanchez, a molecular naturalist from the University in Madrid had the chance to explain the effect of cannabis on cancer. In various conferences and forums she explained how on one side  cannabinoids from cannabis destroy cancer cells, while on the other side they strengthen the immune system of the patient.

THC removes cell apoptosis from all living cells that have unhealthy growth and have a sort of  an irregular DNK and at the same time it leaves the normal, healthy cells untouched.

The team of Dr Sanchez spent the biggest amount of time on observation of THC’s effect on cancerous cells in the brain, prostate, breasts, pancreas and leukemia ,considering them as the most complicated type of cancer.

Dr Sanchez published her research in 2010 in the so called PMS journal which is part of the National medicine library in the USA.

The research was named  Cannabinoids reduce ErbB2-driven breast cancer progression through Akt inhibition. However, only small number of countries decided to give a second chance for life to patients suffering from cancer and leukemia, considering that this vicious drug must not be mixed with regular medication.


The disappearance of brain cancer after 8 months of using cannabis

If you dig a little deeper into medical pages and journals you can find this study from 1974, published in Journal of the National cancer institute under the name of: Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids . This study  shows how the  lung cancer cells in  experimental mice ,which were given cannabis oil orally, die.


Look how the  brain tumor cells disappear after 20 hours of consuming cannabis oil

Dr Manuel Guzman in 1998 made a serious research of cell apoptosis provoked by cannabinoids from cannabis. In 2002 he published a study in the journal Nature Medicine in which he explains in details the destruction of malignant cells of brain cancer performed by  cannabinoids.