How Can Spinach Help You Lose Weight

This healing green plant can reduce your desire for eating sweet and unhealthy food, scientists say.

The newest research done by scientists in Lund University has shown that consuming spinach can drastically reduce appetite. However, thylakoid which can be found in spinach stimulates weight lost.


In this research there were 38 fat women participating. The results have shown that the intake of thylakoid extract stimulates the secretion of the hormone that sends signals to the brain telling him we are fed.

This way appetite is reduced. By controlling your appetite you are also controlling what you eat and do not reach for unhealthy food.

Our analyses have shown that by drinking a drink in which there was previously added spinach extract, early in the morning on an empty stomach we can reduce appetite during the whole day”, says professor Charlotte Erlandson Albertson who was a part of this study.