How Can Food Affect Your Body Line – 8 Foods You Should Avoid After Exercising


It is super-delicious, but you must never eat cheese after any hard workout, because a single medium-sized slice will bring back the fat you burned. On the other hand, mozzarella is a great choice, because it is low in fat.

Scrambled eggs

In general, eggs are a great and healthy food choice after every workout, because they are rich in protein. But, remember, you should eat boiled eggs, not scrambled.


French fries

Fat, starch and some protein is everything you can get after you eat a portion of French fries after your workout.

Fresh juices

Natural juices are healthy, but they are not the best option if you do not know their content. Instead of having a glass of juice, mix some fruit and milk or green tea.

Processed meat

Fatty foods hinder digestion, which is not good for your tired body. Processed meat contains salt and fats that can harm your heart. Chicken or turkey breast combined with some green salad, tomato and mustard is something you should eat after any hard workout.