How Can Food Affect Your Body Line – 8 Foods You Should Avoid After Exercising

You exercise regularly, count the calories, but your effort seems to give no results. Have you ever thought about the food you eat after every workout, and how can food affect your body line?

After every workout your exhausted body requires food that you should strictly avoid. Do not ‘reward’ yourself for the hard workout, because by doing so you will kill every opportunity to lose some extra pounds.

We have listed some of the foods you should avoid after exercising.



It is important to eat foods rich in fiber, not carbohydrates. Eat more nuts or oatmeal, instead of reaching for a puff pastry.

Energy Bars

These are the perfect snack before the workout, because their high sugar content boosts your energy. But, energy bars do not provide the same effect after the workout. If you eat an energy bar after exercising, you will only slow your metabolism and feel sleepy.

Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and low in calories, but that is not enough for your body, especially after a hard workout. You should better drink some yoghurt instead of having some fresh salad.

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