How Bad Sleeping Habits are Giving You Cancer

Are you spending your nights tossing and turning? Are you staying awake even though you’re exhausted? Well, it turns out that your lack of sleep is doing more than just making it difficult for you to concentrate, complete daily tasks and causing you to be irritable; it could also be increasing your risk of becoming ill with cancer.
A report that was published in Current Biology found that lack of sleep can lead to a significant increase in cancer. Tests that were conducted on mice proved this to be true.
During the study, mice that were prone to developing breast cancer were studied. Normally, these mice developed tumors after 50 weeks; however, in the study, these mice had their body clocks delayed by as much as 12 hours every week for a full year and at the end of the study, the mice had developed tumors eight weeks sooner.
This is the first study to ever show a link between chronic light-dark inversions and the development of breast cancer.
Researchers also found that women who hold positions where they have to work in shifts were more likely to have an increased chance of developing breast cancer, especially if breast cancer ran in their families.
The reason why? Because it is thought that working in shifts disrupts the body’s internal rhythm, or natural clock, which can have an increased impact on developing certain disease, including cancer.
Every single person has its own circadian rhythm that helps to regulate sleep. This rhythm is based largely on exposure to light.
Given the results of the study that was conducted on the mice, it can be assumed that people – especially women who are prone to breast cancer – will increase their chances of becoming ill with breast cancer, and not only will they increase their risk of developing the illness, but they can also end up becoming ill at an earlier age.
While scientists are hesitant to admit that a lack of sleep definitely plays a role in the development of cancer, based on the results of the study on mice, it can be assumed, which is reason enough to get more – and better – sleep.
So, the next time you think about staying up even though you are tired just so you can catch the latest episode of your favorite TV show, or agree to take an extra shift at work because you could use the cash, think again.
By skimping on your sleep, you will not only be grouchy, but you could also increase your risk of developing cancer. If you didn’t have reason enough before to get a good night’s sleep, you certainly do now.
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