Horrifying- Shocked Tourists Watch As Bears Maul Chinese Zoo Worker To Death (Video)

A bear killed a worker at the Shanghai Zoo in front of tourists who watched the entire thing from the bus.

Numerous people claim that zoos should be closed, and animals should be allowed to enjoy their freedom, return to their roots, and express their true nature. One recent incident stirred this debate once more.

Namely, a zoo worker was mauled to death by bears in a Chinese zoo, in front of the horrified tourists. The accident happened on October 17th, in a part of the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, called “wild beast area”.

Animals roam freely there, and visitors are allowed to observe them only from specialized tourist buses.

The video of the incident, which shows a group of tourists screaming while watching the bears gathering outside, was shared on the Chinese social site Weibo and it quickly went viral.

The Shanghai Zoo confirmed the death of the worker, who was later identified as an animal breeder. On its website, the zoo said that it was “extremely distressed that such a tragedy occurred”, and it also “apologized to tourists for any inconvenience caused”.

The “wild beast area” has been temporarily closed, and the zoo has announced that it will tighten its security measures.

The incident sparked a storm of comments on social media, with many condemning the safety measures of the zoo, and others expressing their concerns for those who witnessed the accident, saying they would be “deeply traumatized”.

Although animal attacks on workers at a zoo in China are rare, they are not completely uncommon.

Source: www.foxnews.com