Homemade Natural Energy Drink

Today we live in a dynamic world that requires to be active almost every day. We are constantly active, get up early in the morning and go to bed late at night. Often feel exhausted, and sometimes simply we want to give up everything.

Many of you thinks that the solution can be the energy drinks that you can buy from the store, but be aware, they contain ingredients that may be harmful to the body! Then why do not make a natural healthy energy drink? You don’t know how? Simple and easy, read below …

Mix Of The Three Most Powerful Foods

Lemon, water and honey, are foods that are the foundation of a healthy diet, and when you mix these three foods you will get a healthy drink that will give you strength in your legs, will give you energy, will relax you and will improve your mood.


200 grams of water
2 tablespoons natural honey
1 small glass of freshly squeezed lemon

The water must be warm or slightly warm, to be able to dissolve the honey. You can make this drink just for one minute. Add the honey and the freshly squeezed lemon into the water, mix well until you get nice mixed drink.

This homemade natural energy drink will have the same or greater effect on your body than most of the industrial manufactured energy drinks. The only difference is that energy drinks may be harmful for your health, and this drink can be consumed in virtually unlimited quantities without having worry about your health.