Homemade Detox Water – Ideal For A Flat Stomach

Yes, we all know those commercials that “praise” different bottled water brands, promising a fit body. They all come with different tastes, enriched with “healthy nutrients” that will give you a perfect body line. Really?

What you probably do not know is that store-bought water is actually loaded with artificial sweeteners that cause more harm than good to your body.


Instead of buying another bottle of water, try our homemade vitamin drink to refresh yourself. It is not just a regular refreshing drink, it is all natural and healthy, perfect for a complete body cleanse, ideal for those who want to lose some weight and improve the food digestion.


  • 8 cups / 65 oz /2l water
  • 1tsp ginger, grated
  • 1 medium-sized cucumber
  • 1 lemon
  • 12 mint leaves


Do not peel any of the ingredients, as their peel is high in healthy nutrients, but make sure the foods you use are 100% organic. Cut the cucumber and lemon into slices, and add the slices to a mason jar. Add the rest of the ingrediens and pour in the water. Keep the detox water in your fridge and let it rest for 8 hours. Do not forget to stir it once in a while.

Each of the ingredients has positive effect on the intestinal function and stimulates the food digestion, eliminating the toxic buildups in the body.

Lemon is well known for its high content of vitamin C. It stimulates many vital functions in the body associated with the detoxification process.

Cucumber is 90 % water. It stimulates the release of substances responsible for the detox process.

Ginger maintains the glycemic index. It also relieves cramps and helps in the treatment of body aches.

Mint plays an important role in the fat burning process, stimulates the elimination of toxins and it is efficient in treating abdominal pain.