Homemade Coffee Scrub for Glowing Skin Made With Only 2 Ingredients

Ah coffee… if it wasn’t for you, we’d never make it out of bed in the morning. No one would get any actual work done. The entire of society would collapse.

But just in case you weren’t already dependent enough on coffee/appreciate enough of it, let’s take a look at another awesome use for it: creating a skin mask!


The Idea

The idea with this coffee scrub is basically to exfoliate your skin. Exfoliation essentially means scrubbing away the dead skin cells so that you reveal the healthy skin underneath. This helps to relieve the appearance of wrinkles because they will be seemingly less ‘deep set’ as the rest of the surrounding skin will be less ‘built up’.

At the same time, this will of course make your skin appear much brighter and more glowing as it will be more youthful. Exfoliating also clears the pores, preventing black heads and spots from forming, it removes toxins to reduce inflammation and it allows other creams and treatments to penetrate the skin more deeply.

In short, exfoliating is one of the single most powerful ways to improve the health of your skin. It’s straight forward, simple and proven to work.

Unfortunately it can be expensive. So why not make your own product?

This mask will include coffee and coconut oil as the ingredients. What’s so good about this is that they also provide your skin with plenty of nutrition. Coconut oil helps keep the skin smooth and reduces bacteria. Coffee is packed with antioxidants which prevent ageing and reduces eye puffiness via the caffeine content. Caffeine is also a potent anti-inflammatory and can help to reduce redness in the skin.

Finally, coffee can also help increase the production of collagen and elastin, which makes it effective at reducing lines and wrinkles.

The Ingredients and Instructions

What you will need is one tablespoon of organic coconut oil and one tablespoon of organic coffee, finely ground.

Now what you’re going to do is simply mix the coconut oil in with the coffee and apply it to your face. Rub it in firmly but gently using the tips of your fingers and moving in circular motions. Once you have finished, leave the cream on your face like a mask and then rinse off. Make sure you don’t get any in your eyes.

The great thing about this recipe is that it’s so easy and so cheap. At the same time, it packs all the benefits of a moisturizer, an exfoliant and an anti-wrinkle/anti-inflammatory cream all into one. This is powerful stuff and because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals – just nice natural ingredients – you know it isn’t going to cause any ill side effects.

Note: this also makes a great gift. If you want to surprise someone with a nice pampering hamper, then you can use coconut oil to make all kinds of products yourself and then package them as a beautiful and healthy gift!