Home Remedies For Moles

Most moles aren’t dangerous, especially to our health. Almost everyone finds them disgusting, so that’s the initial problem with moles.

Moles represent black, brown, or flesh-colored spots or marks on the skin that are created because of the collection of melanocytes. Moles are medically known as melanocytis nevi, and melanocytes is a unit which construct pigment, the coloring element also called melanin.


Moles often emerge at the age of 20-30. They may have different shape, they can be flat, lifted, uneven, steady, and they may or may not have hair. The number and presence of moles may depend on genetics, hormonal fluctuations or sun exposure.

There are some kinds of moles that would disappear as time passes, but there are others who won’t. We offer easy home therapy which will help you eliminate them. But before doing this, it is essential to examine the moles for abnormal characteristics, as asymmetry of the border, color, or diameter.

If the mole starts changing its shape or color, immediately visit a doctor to check whether it’s cancerous, because you can’t treat that kind of moles on your own.

This is the therapy we offer:

1. Garlic

This is one of the most effective therapies for moles since it consists of enzymes which break down the clusters of the cells that produce pigment. Also, it lightens the dark pigmentation.

Put a crashed garlic glove on the mole. Protect it with a plaster and leave it that way for at least 4 hours. Do this for a few days. The mole will fall off. This procedure is known to give positive outcome within 5 days. Clean the zone with placing alcohol or an alternate disinfectant before rehashing the procedure day by day. Additionally, to take care of the skin encompassing the mole, apply some petroleum jelly or oil.

Caution: Applying garlic on your skin can result in redness and irritation.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an exceptionally famous home solution for mole evacuation. Because of its acid substance, it helps scab the mole and makes it disappear.

Put a cotton ball into an apple cider vinegar and insert it on the damaged area. Protect it with a plaster or a medical tape and leave it that way for a night. Keep doing this day by day for around 10 days or until the mole falls off. On the other hand, you can rub warm water on the mole or gently rub the surface with an emery board and afterward apply some apple juice vinegar on it until it becomes white. Let it that way until it dries naturally. Do this procedure a few times a day.

Apple juice vinegar is prone to aggravating the mole in the introductory few days, however it will show signs of improvement in a week. In the event of leaving a scar, apply coconut oil.

Note: To ensure the skin around the mole, apply some petroleum jelly on the encompassing zone before applying apple juice vinegar.

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