Hilarious Video Shows Two Giant Sea Lions Lounging on a Tiny Boat

If you are a fan of boat rides, you have surely witnessed various strange sights before. However, not everyone can brag about seeing sea lions on a neighboring boat, I am right?

Well, professional soccer player Josh Phillips can!

While he was enjoying his afternoon boat ride near Olympia, Washington, he noticed another boat anchored in the waters of Eld Inlet, at the southern end of Puget Sound.

He and his friend went closer and saw something strange.

Phillips explained:

“It looked a little off and we got closer and closer and realized there were two massive animals on board. I’ve never seen anything like this.”


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Boats and…. #sealions

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The owner and president of Olympia-based Spawn Fly Fish, a company that sells fly fishing equipment online, has seen rare forms of marine life before, but this sight was undoubtedly a unique one.

He posted a video of it on Instagram, and it quickly went viral.

The Marine Mammal center reports that this species “water doggos” can be up to 11 feet long and almost 2,500 pounds heavy, and they reside in coastal waters of the North Pacific Ocean, from Japan to central California.

Another clip posted on YouTube was filmed from the shore, and it shows a third sea lion bobbing around the boat, trying to join the duo.

The uploader wrote:

 “Landon, if you’re watching this video, I’m sorry about your boat mate.”