Hilarious Moment German Shepherd Slides Down Icy Pavement On His Belly

Footage shows a German Shepherd sliding on his belly on the icy pavement while trying to get to his owner.

Winter is approaching, and the holiday joy and fun on the snow will come along with it.

However, no matter how idyllic snowy paths and pavements in front of our houses appear, no one can deny the fact that snow and ice cause too much trouble to anyone trying to walk on them!

A video of a German Shepherd that slides down a frosty driveway on his belly, attempting to get to his owner, is another proof of this! The footage was filmed on November 20 in Domodedovo, Russia.

It shows Urgan leaving his warm home and starting to make his way across the icy path.  There is no doubt that the dog gives his best to stay on his feet during those harsh and frosty winter conditions.

He is crouching close to the ground as he slides down the angled driveway.

  • The video was captured in Domodedovo, and it shows a German Shepherd as he leaves his home and begins to make his way across the frozen path

The dog tries to stand, but falls down one more time, and slips down the driveway and into the road. The cameraman is calling to him, and the dog finally stops. Urgan then stands up straight with ease and successfully walks back up the path.

The video has reached thousands of views, with one viewer joking:

‘Sliding out of 2020 be like.’

Another added:

‘The shepherd enjoyed it though.’

What a trip on the ice!

  • The pup eventually picks himself up and manages to walk back up the path

Source: 247newsaroundtheworld.com