High Blood Pressure and Headaches Reduced by 30% in People Who Have Avoided This Ingredient

If you struggle with a severe headache, and your doctor has not found anything strange, it is time to change your menu…Researchers at the John Hopkins University found that by reducing the intake of salt for 3 grams you can reduce your headache for 30 percent.

Respondents who eat about 9 grams of salt every day, reduced their intake of salt to six grams, which relieved their headache for 30 percent, and this was additionally confirmed when they eventually reduced the salt intake to 3 grams.

Scientists believe that lower intake of salt and potassium reduces blood pressure, which affects headaches positively, because they are commonly caused by high blood pressure.

Hypertension increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, osteoporosis, and even cancer, so you may want to decrease the intake of salt, which affects blood pressure and reduces the risk of such health problems. First, stop adding more salt to your meals. Avoid smoked and salty foods, meat products, and especially foods high in potassium.

However, many factors other than food cause headache, including weather changes, insufficient sleep, fatigue, emotional stress, excessive consumption of alcohol, and skipping meals. Try to eliminate each of these as much as possible.