Hero Locals Rescue Three Elephants Helplessly Trapped In Muddy Swamp Using Diggers

Three elephants got stuck in a muddy swamp in India- locals rescued them by using diggers to claw out the mud.

Treating animals with whom we share our planet with love, care, and respect is the least we can do for them. Ensuring animal welfare is a human responsibility, but sadly, not everyone is aware of this.

Yet, images that show locals while helping a group of elephants stuck inside a deep swampy pond will restore your faith in humanity!

Three elephants got stuck in the pond in Lakhipur of Goalpara, northeastern India, and the locals were quick to gather around the water and help. The elephants can be seen standing in the watery mud which nearly covers their entire bodies and writhing around.

  • Three elephants got stuck in a swampy pond in Lakhipur of Goalpara, northeastern India

  • Locals used diggers to create a slope for them to walk up and thus rescued them

They are struggling to get away from the mud, but the depth of the steep-edged pit and their enormous size makes them unable to do so.

Therefore, two diggers are starting to dig out walls and create a slope in the pond, so the trapped animals could climb out.

The pit where the elephants got stuck had been previously dug out for the needs of the local electricity department. Unfortunately, it caused huge stress to the elephants.

  • Onlookers were delighted to see the poor animals emerge out of the water to safety

Onlookers watched the rescue mission all the time, and in the end, the three animals were successfully saved. Locals cheered as the poor elephants emerged out of the water and were again free to return to the wild.

Source: whatsnew2day.com