Here’s Why You Have Foot Pain All The Time and How To Relief It Quickly!

The causes of foot pain may be various: gout, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, tendonitis, fractures, neuropathy or Morton’s neuroma.  Before you start treating the issue, you must consult your doctor in order to get the proper diagnosis. Fortunately, all these conditions have some natural treatments for relieving the pain.

Gout is a type of arthritis which due to excess uric acid in the synovial joints causes strong pains. This acid is caused by high protein and fat diets, which are very often nowadays. One especially effective fruit in treating gout pains are cherries. Moreover, you should avoid meat and alcohol and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.


The treatments of Plantar fasciitis and heel spurs pains contain steroid injections which at the same time weaken the tissue and should not be used for a long period of time. Good effects are also obtained when using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) as it relieves the symptoms for three to six months after the injections and its effect is long-term – for a whole year.

Additionally, acupuncture, exercises and stretching of the foot and calf improve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, and so do the naturally anti-inflammatory EPA/DHA and turmeric. It is also important to make better footwear choices, and avoid high heels or tight shoes.

Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon in your foot. Inflammation is the body’s response meant for fixing a damaged tissue, but if it left untreated or if it is improper, it causes a lot of pain and can do a lot of harm to your body. In this case, you need to rest and wear orthopedic shoes.

Moreover, you should include omega 3 oils in your diet, as well as turmeric and other anti-inflammatory foods. You should eliminate trans fats and other foods that can enforce the inflammation.

Foot fractures can be seen through an x-ray and if any, in order to heal the bone, your foot will need to be immobilized. The regeneration of bones is of course expedited with vitamins D, C and calcium. Moreover, check your hormone levels, for they are very important in the healing process of the bone.

The pain caused by neuropathy can be relieved by vitamin B12 injections. Neuropathy is common in people with diabetes and normally, its symptoms can be relieved with the right diet for monitoring and managing blood sugar. This means you should have no refined sugars and foods with high glycemic index, but instead, you should focus on unprocessed foods, vegetables and fruits and vitamin B rich foods.

Morton’s neuroma gives the impression of a pebble stuck between the third and fourth toe because of thickening of the tissue of the nerve(s) that lead to your toes. It causes sharp pains and burning and it is often surgically treated. Also, great effects are obtained if treated with steroid injections, physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory supplements.

Finally, the footwear you choose is an extremely very important factor that can worsen or improve your condition. Hence, avoid high heels and wear shoes that support the natural line of the foot, like sneakers, flats and other comfortable footwear.