Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About Essential Oils

Nowadays, cancer is one of the most alarming diseases of the modern era, that causes an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, that causes the formation of a tumour.

There is a sharp rise in the number of cancer patients, and it can be attributed to the poor dietary habits, nutrient-low diets, chemicals, environmental pollution, use of tobacco and alcohol, stress, and chronic infections.

According to an article named “Essential Oils and Their Constituents as Anticancer Agents: A Mechanistic View”, published in the US National Library of Medicine journal:

“The mortality rate among cancer patients is very high. The problem is more serious in economically less developed countries due to the lack of diagnostic techniques, standard methods of treatment, and higher cost of the treatment. People in the scientific field are currently overcoming these problems with the use of synthetic drugs.

These drugs are designed to specifically target rapidly growing and dividing cells of various tumours. But, these synthetic drugs also affect rapidly dividing normal cells in our body leading to certain other major irreversible side effects. Chemotherapy used in cancer treatment has been reported to induce multidrug resistance. The high cost, increasing drug resistance, and side effects of current therapeutic approaches are forcing the scientists to explore alternative medicines, the traditional medicine, as an option to find new chemical entities for treatment of cancer.”

Interestingly, latest studies reveal a new possibility that essential oils might be the cancer cure we are so desperately trying to find.

Namely, negative thoughts lower the frequency our body resonates at, and positive thinking elevates it. Our bodies normally resonate at 62-78 MHz, and cancer begins at a frequency of 58 MHz.

Therefore, this means that our health can be affected by numerous different factors.

Essential oils have the capacity to change this frequency as well, and their anti-bacterial properties fight cancer.

The creation of a Calibrated Frequency Monitor made it possible to measure the frequency of essential oils and thus predict their effects on our health.

According to the famous immunologist M. Suhail, cancer develops when the nucleus in our cells inside the DNA is corrupted, and essential oil can repair this damage and the DNA code.

R.O. Becker, in his book “The Body Electric”, claims that our overall health is determined by our electric frequency, and if we manage to eliminate any outside frequencies, we can become resistant to ailments.

Therefore, as essential oils have much higher frequencies, they can successfully fight low-frequency diseases.

Researchers have compiled the following list of essential oils and their electrical frequencies:

Rose — 320 MHz

Helichrysum — 181 MHz

Frankincense — 147 MHz

Lavender — 118 MHz

Juniper — 98 MHz

Sandalwood — 96 MHz

Angelica — 85 MHz

Peppermint — 78 MHz

These essential oils were used in studies and gave promising results.

A study that involved 11 essential oils, including sage, peppermint, chamomile, lavender, thyme, winter savory, sweet fennel, and bitter oil, discovered that chamomile oil has potent antioxidant properties that destroyed 93% of breast cancer cells, and thyme oil destroyed 97% of them. Moreover, researchers found that jasmine and cinnamon oil was highly effective as well.

Cervical Cancer Patient

A woman diagnosed with cervical cancer was given only a couple of months to live, but the use of frankincense oil helped her fight the disease in several months. 

A Child with Brain Cancer

The study also involved a 5-year old girl with brain cancer. Her parents decided to mix sandalwood and frankincense oil, rub it on her feet, and to rub lavender oil on her wrist, and after a few months, she was completely healthy!

End-Stage Liver Cancer Patient

A patient in the study was given only a few months more to love, as the suffered from an end-stage liver cancer. Yet, the application of an essential oil topically on the liver’s area and a few drops under his tongue, reduced the size of the tumor and a single operation removed it completely and he lives a healthy and happy life!

Frankincense Oil

This essential oil divides the nucleus of each cancer cell from its cytoplasm and inhibits the reproduction. The presence of monoterpenes destroys cancer cells, in the case of all stages of cancer. Moreover, the oil does not affect the healthy cells.

Breast Cancer Patient

The application of lemongrass and frankincense oil under her tongue and topically helped a woman with advanced breast cancer to cure herself in a few months.

Bladder Cancer Patient

A woman needed to remove her bladder as she suffered from bladder cancer, but as soon as she started applying natural essential oils on the area, like frankincense and sandalwood oil, she was soon free of this deadly disease.

The beneficial properties of these essential oils can be a powerful weapon against various cancer types. Yet, note that you should always use the oil’s therapeutic grade, not mixed with alcohol or other additives, in order to ensure its high quality.