Here’s How to Turn Your Baby’s Clothes Into Keepsake “Memory Bears”

Mothers know the power of onesies to remind them of the time they spent their entire days cuddling with their little ones. Children are adorable at any age, but there is a certain nostalgia whenever we see their old toys and baby clothes.

Well, there is a way to preserve those memories in the cutest way possible! A crafting project called Memory Bear turns baby onesies into a cuddle buddy!

This amazing keepsake can also become your child’s favorite toy for playing and sleeping!

Take a look at these creative memory bears:

Memory bear with lots of bunnies!

Adorable memory bear with a turtle on it!

A cupcake-rich one! 

You can send your special fabric to memory bear makers on Etsy to custom make it for you, or you can make your own memory bear at home!

Here is how:

1. Gather all the fabrics and materials you intend to do, and buy a sewing pattern online. You can purchase a pattern and instructions on Etsy for just $3.99.

2. Start by tracing all the pieces included in the kit, cut around them, but leave about 1/8 of an inch around the borders. With a sticky glue facing the back of the fabric, iron the interfacing pieces on the fabric, and then cut the pieces on the traced lines.

3. Sew the pieces of the head together, then continue with the ears and eyes, and then sea the side pieces on the back of the head.

4. Start the tummy and the inner legs, then sew the pieces of the back and the outer legs.

5. Sew on the footpads, move on to the inner arms, and sew the outer arms closed along the top, from V to a W.

6. Now, join the head on the body, turn it right sides out, place it ‘inside the body’, and pin the pieces together at the neck seam. Sew the head on, and turn the toy right sides out through the turning gap.

7. Start stuffing the bear from the legs, continue with the arms, head, and then the tummy. Stitch the gap closed on the back and cut the felt piece for the nose.

You are done!

When done, you can try to morph the clothes your baby outgrew into other animals as well!

Remember that you can get creative and sew it all up according to how you want it to look, so there is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as it becomes a loving memory of your favorite pastimes.

You can also other pieces of clothing, a set of pajamas or even a hospital blanket!

Memory bears have become so popular among customers, that a young lady, Mary Macinnes, started making them from old clothes of people they have lost, to help them preserve their precious memories. These bears even have a special pocket in the back that can be used for storing letters and other mementos.

Great idea!