Here’s How Pneumonia Can Be Treated in a Natural Way (VIDEO)

Although they start quite innocently, diseases like pneumonia and influenza are extremely serious, and can even cause death.

The advice of the conventional medicine is to get vaccinated as a preventive measure, but it does not guarantee that we are completely safe. Moreover, these vaccines make our immunity weak, as they have numerous toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum.

On the other hand, the common treatment of viral pneumonia includes antibiotics, and antibiotics are completely ineffective in the case of a virus.

Apparently, we should turn to the natural medicine as often as possible. Namely, it suggests that vitamin C can offer the greatest help in the case of viral and bacterial infections. This vitamin has been shown in numerous studies to be extremely beneficial in the treatment of many different health issues.

Moreover, Dr. Frederick Klenner has provided evidence that the consumption of sufficient amounts of this vitamin can treat more than 30 diseases, including pneumonia.

Vitamin C is naturally found in numerous kinds of fruits and vegetables, but note that not all vitamin C supplements are done in the same way. Therefore, if your supplements are made from corn, you need to be extra cautious, since corn can be genetically modified at times.

Furthermore, you should also be aware of the possibility of digestive problems if you consume vitamin C orally, as a powder, capsule or in a liquid form.

Yet, the effects of this treatment depend on the person. These effects can also be prevented with substances like liposomal or IV vitamin C. Also, the dose of vitamin C, just like all other ATA nutrition, is determined according to the instructions that come with the products.

Moreover, you need to consult your doctor before you start this treatment, especially if you suffer from some other medical issue at the time, in order to prevent other possible complications and side- effects.