Here’s A Pig In Pink Tulips, To Brighten Up Your Day

During these challenging times, many people have decided to brighten up our days by offering their beautiful works of art. So, lets welcome the spring and sunshine with photos taken by one popular and talented photographer, Chantal Levesque!

Her heart-melting photo session showcases the cutest little piglet ever, wandering around a pink tulips garden!

Fluffy is a member of the KhaliZoo Zootherapy team, which is a group of animals who help people with emotional, psychological, social or physical difficulties.

Then moment you look at these photos, you’ll know that Fluffy is excellent at her job! Levesque met Fluffy in 2018, and was instantly enchanted by her.

She explained:

“Fluffy’s owner is a zootherapist. We have done a couple of shoots together with her other animals and with Fluffy when she was just a couple months old. I mentioned to her that I had this crazy idea of doing a shoot with Fluffy in tulips in the spring. Erika (her owner) was game and excited to grant my wish.”

Levesque wrote:

 “I usually photograph dogs in natural light settings but when the opportunity presented itself to photograph Fluffy the Therapy Pig I went bananas! We were lucky to find these delicate fresh pink tulips for her portraits (pink is her favorite colour!).

It should come as no surprise that she draws a crowd wherever she goes and her photo session was no exception. Lots of “awwwww”s were heard, people stopped to take photos of her and would just smile as they crossed her path. One can only imagine the joy and support she brings to people’s lives as a therapy pig!”

These cute photos reveal Fluffy’s “girly girl side,” and she even has pink toenails “to match! “

Levesque is a Montreal-based professional photographer, that creates impressive photos  for private, commercial, and corporate clients.

Reader’s Digest, GF Pet, Wilder Harrier, Meow Mix, YUL aéroport Montréal-Trudeau Escouade Caline, TOHU, Journal Métro,  are just some of her numerous clients. While she can work on various subjects, her focus remains on animals.

Since their first encounter, the two have worked together several times, in a graffiti alley, in a skate park, and in Halloween costumes.

Levesque claims that Fluffy is “such an incredible, intelligent animal”, and working with her is an amazing adventure!

Fluffy waves, gives the paw, and even smiles!

The photographer added that she “gets an extra cute expression when you tell her she is pretty.”

Levesque explained that she wanted “ the whole world to see pigs in a different light.”

Cuteness overload!